Our History

Flameshield Products Limited was established in 2002 to develop the idea of a fireduct product system that would require no external coatings while conforming to the BS 476 Part 24 and ISO 6944 (1985) Fire Resistant Tests.

Ductwork that is sprayed or coated with a fire retardant coating has a number of major flaws. A non-coated, fire rated ductwork product, such as Flameshield, would ensure fire resistance less susceptible to damage and other flaws inherent in coated duct products.

In 2003, after an initial period of product development, Flameshield Products conducted a rigorous test programme at the Building Research Centre (BRE). Over the next four years Flameshield Fireduct progressively gained full certification to BS 476 Part 24 and passed numerous other tests and assessments.

The specification and use of Flameshield Fireduct has grown immensely with sales through our accredited and licensed manufacturers and installers increasing every year. Flameshield Fireduct is now one of the most specified non-coated, fire rated duct systems on the UK market.

Since our certification under the BS standard we have continued to develop the Fireduct system. From 2008 we have invested over £1.5m in developing the product and testing Flameshield Fireduct under the new EN 1366 Parts 1 & 8. We are pleased that Flameshield Fireduct has achieved certification to this standard in accordance with EN 13501-3 A. A formal ‘Declaration of Performance’ is now available for publication and full certification of the product listing has been added along with our BS 476 Part 24 listing, to the LPCB ‘Red Book Live’.

There is no doubt the Flameshield Fireduct is the Gold standard in standards compliant specified non-coated, fire rated ductwork.

Latest News

Flameshield Products - First company to achieve LPCB certification to EN 1366
Flameshield Products are delighted to announce that we are the first company to achieve LPCB certification to EN 1366 for our vertical and horizontal insulated and non-insulated fire resistant and smoke extract ducts.
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