Flameshield Fireduct

Flameshield Fireduct - Manufacturing Control

We believe in safety first.

The Flameshield Fireduct product is proof of our commitment to the safety and effectiveness of fire-rated systems.

Flameshield Fireduct has certification from the LPCB (Loss Prevention Certification Board) ensuring full compliance with all requirements. This means service to the UK construction market is protected - only certified licensees who are able to fabricate the unique flanging system are able to produce the product.

We maintain manufacturing control over our licensees, ensuring only the highest quality ductwork is supplied and as such all licensees are regularly audited internally and by the LPCB to demonstrate full compliance with the FPC (factory production control) quality control plan.

Flameshield Fireduct is manufactured in strict accordance with both BS 476 Part 24 and EN 1366 Parts 1 & 8 and EN 13501-3A standards compliance with available evidence.

Our products are certified to BS.EN. 15871 and BS.EN. 12107, as per the CPR/ harmonisation program which became law and superseded British Standards on July 1st 2013.

In addition, Flameshield’s LPCB certification gives the end user the added reassurance of a fire-rated system that is recognised by insurers.

To enquire about Flameshield Fireduct call 0800 328 9980

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