Flameshield Fireduct

Environmental Impact

Unlike it’s lesser coated counterparts, Flameshield fireduct has unrivalled environmental benefits, whilst meeting the highest standards technically.

There are few fireduct products offering these benefits whilst significantly reducing subsequent impacts on the environment.

Just a few of the Environmental Benefits of Flameshield Fireduct

Traditional coated ductworks require disposal in a controlled manner and are produced using mined materials, using energy and water for application and cleaning, and heat for drying. In the process they produce excess waste which needs to be disposed of, negatively impacting the environment.

Flameshield’s non-coated system is different. It is easily recyclable, and its unique manufacturing process involving the CGF (continuous girth flange) system means fewer ancillary duct components are required. This process forgoes six stages of energy consumption, greatly reducing its impact on the environment both now and in the future.

In conclusion, Flameshield fire rated ductwork is a product for the 21st Century. Its capabilities come from the use of the latest design and manufacturing technology. It is the number one choice for sustainability and safety.

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